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Cleaning Instructions



To keep your product in the best condition possible, please carefully read our cleaning and care instructions.

  • Wooden serving boards need to be cleaned and maintained often (depending on usage). It is important to NEVER soak the board in water or run it through your dishwasher, doing so may cause serious damage.
  • After use, rinse it with warm soapy water and dry immediately.
  • Never let a liquid sit on the board for a long period.
  • Depending on frequency of use, apply a generous amount of food grade mineral oil to your product (available at
  • After application, with a soft paper towel, wipe the entire board, then buff in your maintenance cream.
  • You may only cut fish and poultry on surface if you have a sufficient amount of oil that has penetrated your board. After use, IMMEDIATLEY wash with hot and soapy water then reoil your board.